Find how to detect ac leaks in cars

If you have too continuously recharging the system or if the system is flat you have a leak which needs to be detected. This guide will show you how to find a refrigerant leak. There are a few ways to find a leak which depends on how big the leak is. If the leak is relatively quick you should be able to hear it leaking much like a hole in a tire which is easily found. Large leaks are typically a blown hose or a line that has been rubbed through on the frame or bracket in the engine compartment. Here is a video that will give you an idea on what you are in for when checking for leaks.

Once you are done watching the video continue down through the guide which will give you additional tips and information which is updated regularly. There is an alternative way to find leaks not involving a leak detector. Then spray around the various components and when a leak is found bubbles will start to appear indicating a leak. This method works well except for compressor front seal and evaporator leak detection. Also, there are some Freon products that include a dye which when installed into the system will be detected using a black light but again a compressor front seal and evaporator leak is difficult to detect.

A slow leak can be a little tough to find, most of the time you can visually see slow leaks because of the peg oil inside the system along with the refrigerant which leaks out. The oil seepage indicates where the leak is located. Look at all refrigerant lines, compressor and the condenser to see any signs of leakage. See example below:. If you cannot hear the leak or find any oil residue then a detector is needed. The detector is comprised of a main body which holds the sensing device, batteries, on and off switch and sensitivity controls.

This is what they typically look like in the image below. It is removed with the reclaimed oil. Feel free to contact our technical support line at with any other questions. Dorothy, after reading your response, it appears that you are confusing an air conditioning refrigerant Freon leak with an engine coolant antifreeze leak. From your comments you mention the ground being wet and you could see it was halfway gone then completely empty.

Why Does Your Air Conditioning Need Recharging? | News |

Sounds like you are referring to the coolant reserve tank. I had a mechanic add Freon a few days ago. The AC is back to not working. If they tell me it is a leak, can I just add the Red Angel and then get it recharged? They said everything else was fine. Air worked great til a few weeks ago started blowing hot. I checked low pressure and was almost none so I recharged it and it was ice cold but 3 days later was hot again.

I have tried to charge it again and same thing happened. Does this sound like blue devil will work or should I take back to the shop? As long as the system can hold 5 inches of vacuum for 25 minutes, you should be able to see some great results from the product. Any suggestions?


Saved me a lot of money so thank you!! A shop told me the compressor has a leak, and the low refrigerant level prevents the compressor from running. Yet there remains some refrigerant in the system, as evidenced by hissing when I press on a service valve. So I have to decide whether to try recharging, or replacing the compressor, etc.

I hate throwing good money after bad. What do you recommend?

R134a Refrigerant Freon with Dye to Detect Leaks

Based on your description, we would recommend having the compressor replaced. Doing a recharge may alleviate the problem for a little while but, if you are continuing to lose freon, would not completely fix the problem. A replacement of the compressor would be your best option. I have read all the questions and responses on this site and I have to be completely honest…im a little excited about this product! I have been an H. I recently had to replace the motor in my truck, therefore in the process had to evacuate and rebuild and reseal the entire system as I replaced my heater core in this rebuild, and like a dummy didnt even check my evaporator in this entire 7 hour process of disassembling my dash to get to it …..

Anyways to get too the point of this rant, I noticed as I was vacuuming down the system I definately had a leak so I nitrogen charged the system to check all my fittings easily accessible and found no leaks by bubble test. So too the point….. I mean at least give it a try because you have nothing too lose and if at all possible try to do it yourself or find a H. But I can tell ya if it does work then thats awesome and youve saved some major coin!

So now I think im gonna get my hands on some and take the most least evasive and least costly attempt before taking more drastic measures. Besides seems like a pretty good product from what I hear!

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I tried putting freon in my grandparents car and can hear it hissing back out from the grill area at the front of the car. Any suggestions as to how I can help them. Based on your description, it sounds like the vehicle is losing refrigerant.

How to Find an Air Conditioner Leak

The product would treat leaking condensers, evaporators, connection hoses, gaskets and o-rings. Have recently added one can of freon to my 90 Chevrolet truck to see if it would take a charge the next day empty so I purchased another can with dye in it the next day still had pressure no signs of dye so I added another can to finish the charge one week later still no signs on dye except at low port where it was added did not check under dash. If the leak is somewhere behind the dash then it will be nearly impossible to detect with the UV leak detection dye.

Hi my f 5. The cap on the low pressure port of your system does not hold pressure.

How to find an A/C leak

There is a valve under the cap much like the valve in the valve stem in your tires that should hold pressure in your system. I never smell anything in the car always outside. Should I take my car to a shop to have it checked or use the Red Angel first? Thanks for your question about your car. Oil leaks have a distinct oily smell and coolant leaks will often smell sweet. You can try checking your fluid levels to see which might be leaking.

If you think you have an oil or refrigerant leak, you can use the appropriate BlueDevil Stop Leak product to seal that leak and get things back to normal. My car ac system will not hold a charge at all, it seems to have a large leak. The system is at zero pressure. Is it safe to charge the system with refigerant with dye without pulling a vacuum, and get the compressor running so I can find the leak, or will it damage the system to run it that way?

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Thanks for your question about your AC system. However, you can still do it given that you have adequate mechanical knowledge, the right tools, and patience.

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If you are curious to know how to fix AC leak , these two methods will be useful:. The sealant is an inexpensive, quick-fix way to seal small leaks in the air conditioning system. You can find the Ra Super Seal in almost any auto parts stores. Kick off the engine and turn the knobs of the AC and fan to the maximum. Attach a hose to the Super Seal can and connect the hose coupler to the low-pressure port. After transferring the liquid, refill the system with Ra refrigerant.

Run the AC for at least 15 minutes to allow the Super Seal to spread across the system. No Super Seal can fix any evaporator leak. You have to either repair it or replace it altogether. You can cut and crimp the tube to fix pinhole size ruptures. A bit of soldering can help in this regard. When the puncture s is bigger, replacing the evaporator with a new one is the only solution. You have to remove the dashboard to set the evaporator up.

You also need to vacuum the system before recharging it. Tsukasa Azuma is an awesome car blogger of Car From Japan. He owns a car repair shop at downtown Osaka, and he put all that experience to good use in his sharing posts. Login with Google. Likes Followers Followers. Import used cars directly from Japan. Maintenance Tips. By Tsukasa Azuma Last updated Oct 25, 1.