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Such data is collected through web analytics, which is an analysis on how a website is used by its audience. Moreover, every third party tracker collects your IP address and other identifiable data and stores browser cookies, local shared objects and other tracking technologies on your browser.

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This permits them to keep track of your online habits and behaviour and to create profiles about you. We chose media websites for our first examination because they are commonly accessed by the majority of citizens around the world who have Internet access - regardless of their background, gender, ethnicity, occupation, affiliations and other characteristics. We are interested in exploring how regular daily browsing habits, such as reading the news online, can result in our tracking.

Furthermore, third party trackers can potentially identify a lot of information about individuals based on the type of news they regularly read - such as their political beliefs, economic status, and much more - and create profiles about them. We collected lists of media websites in assistance with local partners.

If your media organisation is missing from our map and you would like it to be included in the tests, please contact us at trackmap tacticaltech. You can find your country's list of media websites through our github repository. If we have already reviewed your country's media list, you can find it in the verified section and if not, you can find it in the unverified section. If you found your country's media list in the unverified section and you're a media expert, a journalist or generally have good knowledge of your country's media, you can review the media list through the following steps:.

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Add missing websites which cover the news, are of public interest and which are regularly accessed by most individuals on a national or regional level in your country. Delete websites from which are not regularly updated, do not necessarily cover the news and are not regularly accessed by most individuals on a national or regional level in your country. Why is my country's list of media websites in the unverified section? If you found your country's list of media websites in the unverified section , that's probably because it has not been reviewed by a media expert yet.

Why doesn't my country have a list of media websites on github?

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If you didn't find your country's list of media websites in the verified or unverified sections on github, that's probably because we have not compiled a list for your country yet. Contact us at trackmap tacticaltech. How can my country's list of media websites be transferred to the verified section on github? Once your country's list of media websites has been reviewed by a media expert, we transfer it from the unverified section to the verified section on github.

No, because Facebook is one of the third party trackers often included in media websites that we are interested in detecting. We are interested in media websites which include the domains and servers of third party trackers, but not in webpages hosted by third party trackers themselves, such as Facebook. Should the media lists be restricted to citizens accessing them in my country or can they also be expanded to media websites accessed by my country's diaspora? Preferably, we would like to restrict media websites to ones accessed by individuals residing in your country.

However, websites accessed by your country's diaspora can also be included - but that is not our priority. Should media websites accessed via mobile phones also be included in the lists? Currently, we are not including websites accessed via mobile phones.

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However, we hope to expand the project to include those in the future. What do you mean by "network infrastructure" in the map? Companies in the "purple countries" of the Trackography map host the network infrastructure required to reach the servers of the media websites you have selected, as well as the servers of the companies which track users through the selected websites.

By network infrastructure we mean the satellites, fibre optic cables, switches, routers and international or national Internet carriers. More recent tests have examined online tracking through websites that fall under the following categories:. Various non-media websites have been included in Trackography's latest tests, all of which can be viewed through our repository on github.

Such websites cover banks, consultancy, health insurance, government services, human rights, activism, LGBT rights, dating, culture and travel, to name a few. Trackography expanded to the examination of online tracking across a broad spectrum of different types of websites to:.

If the various types of websites that we regularly access are matched together, one can potentially reach inferences about us. For example, if someone knows that you regularly access LGBT websites, as well as the websites of the European Union and other job-seeking websites, it's not that hard for someone to correlate such data and to reach the inference that you are an unemployed LGBT person based in the EU, right? That may or may not be accurate, but that's not the point.


That is an inference that algorithms are likely to reach when the above has been correlated and aggregated. We expanded Trackography to the examination of online tracking across various types of websites to identify which main companies are in a position to aggregate tracked data and to potentially play a key role in the profiling business.

We have collected results on online tracking across various different websites - as mentioned above - in India, Thailand and the Philippines, as well as in 18 European countries. More details can be viewed through our repository on github. India was selected as a case study because we are interested in exploring online tracking in the world's largest in terms of population democracy. Furthermore, we are interested in exploring the potential role that the data brokerage industry plays in the global south.

Thailand was selected as a case study because we are interested in exploring online tracking in a non-democratic regime of the global south, which can then potentially be compared with online tracking in democratic regimes in both the global south and north. The Philippines was selected as a case study because we are interested in exploring online tracking in the global south and we happened to be in the region for RightsCon Given that governments in the European Union are committed to protecting their citizens' data, we are interested in exploring whether their websites enable third parties to collect data through online tracking.

How can I contribute to the creation of datasets which include various types of websites from my country? Our software is designed to run on a list of websites to detect the third party trackers and the traceroutes that are performed when we access the websites in the list. In order for our software to be able to run on a list of websites, it needs to be included in our repository on github. You can create your own list of websites that you are interested in examining and add it to our github repository.

Alternatively, if you are not a github user you can drop us an email at trackmap tacticaltech. Any Linux user can potentially run our software. It's quite easy and details about how to run it can be viewed here. When running the software on a list of websites under our " special media " category on github which includes all other, diverse lists of websites, excluding media websites , please run the following:.

More details can be found on github. The software usually requires about 30 minutes to run and sends megabytes of data to our server. The software hasn't finished running and I need to relocate to another location under a different ISP. What should I do? When you return to the same ISP, you can restart the software and resume from where you left it. No, because our software performs traceroutes which cannot run over Tor. If the software runs over Tor, the web connection would appear from a different network point than the traceroutes and would lead to inaccurate results.

If you would like to run the software over a VPN, please specify the country of your endpoint in the required field right before you start running the software. For example, if you are based in the United States but your VPN ends in Sweden, please specify the country with "-c sweden".


It is also recommended that you add the option "-i". No need to.

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Once you've run the software, the results will automatically be transmitted to our server. If you would like to prevent your collected data from automatically being transmitted to our server, please add the option "-d". Tool lets you see exactly who's tracking what you're reading - Open Society Foundation. Reputation, Polizei und Nutzerverfolgung - Elektrischer reporter.

Trackography bringt licht ins dickicht der stillen datenlauscher - Politik Digital. Trackography you never read alone - Netzpolitik. Tracker ranking der 50 top news webseiten - Netzpolitik. If you have any questions or concerns which we have not addressed in the above FAQ section, please feel free to contact us at trackmap tacticaltech. Claudio Agosti - Project lead and software developer. Maria Xynou - Researcher.

Fieke Jansen - Politics of Data lead. Additionally, many individuals from around the world have helped make Trackography possible. Special thanks to the following individuals and organisations which contributed to this project:. Many thanks to all the anonymous activists around the world who contributed and who continue to contribute to this project. Tactical Tech's Me and My Shadow project helps you control your data traces, see how you're being tracked, and find out more about the data industry. Credits Data Use Policy. Email: myshadow tacticaltech.

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Sign up to our monthly newsletter-magazine, In the Loop Security in-a-box: Tools and tactics for your digital security. About Tracking See it for yourself. Trackography A Tactical Tech project which aims to increase transparency about the online data industry by illustrating who tracks us when we browse the internet. Last Updated: 06 Feb When governments collect data we call it 'surveillance', but when companies do the same, we mistakenly call it 'user services Trackography from Tactical Technology Collective on Vimeo.

What is online tracking? What is Trackography? In particular, Trackography shows: the companies that track us the countries which host the servers of the websites we access the countries which host the servers of tracking companies the countries which host the network infrastructure required to reach the servers of websites and tracking companies information about how some of the "globally prevailing tracking companies" handle our data based on their privacy policies The data collected through Trackography is open and can serve as a resource for researchers, lawyers, activists, advocates, campaigners and digital security trainers who are interested in raising critical questions about third party trackers or who want to show what happens to our data online.

Why Trackography? Why does online tracking even matter? Why does profiling matter? Why does it matter where our data travels to? What does Trackography examine? Online tracking: Media websites Tactical Tech started Trackography by exploring online tracking through media websites across 38 countries around the world.