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How Much Does Divorce Cost in Illinois?

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What to Expect During An Illinois Divorce | How Long Does A Chicago Divorce Take

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How Long is the Illinois Divorce Process? You May Also Like. The no-fault grounds for divorce are based on the couple living separate and apart for a period of time. This period is only 6 months for couples who agree on the divorce in writing, but 2 years for couples where only one member brings forth the divorce.

Divisions of Property – Assets and Debt

Residency Requirements To file for a no-fault divorce in Illinois, at least one spouse has to have resided in the state for at least 90 days. The person who files for the petition is called the petitioner, and their spouse is called the defendant or responder. Once this document is filed, the other spouse must be served this petition either by a private process server, or by the sheriff. However, the spouse is able to file papers individually or through an attorney submitting himself to the jurisdiction of the Court.

Once these papers are filed the divorce case begins. You must obtain the forms for filing for divorce from your local Circuit Court. Specifically, the forms vary from county to county, enough so that there's been no standardization of the forms. Divorcing parties in agreement about the terms of their divorce should consider using Rocket Lawyer's easy interview process to outline their terms in a Divorce Settlement Agreement which can be filed with your Petition. Having a Divorce Settlement Agreement can prevent the need for a lengthy trial which is both time consuming and costly.

In Illinois a divorce can be split into three phases, the temporary phase, the discovery and investigation phase and the resolution phase. The Temporary Phase This phase is meant to stabilize the situation temporarily. Usually this phase is handled informally through each person's attorney. Periodically cases must be resolved by a Court hearing.

If a case enters into a hearing during the temporary phase, the Court will enter in a Court Order which will bind each party until a final judgment is reached, the case is dismissed, or the case is settled. The temporary phase's goal is to keep up the status quo and solve any immediate issues that the family may be facing that would cause the divorce.

Factors affecting the timetable of your divorce

In a domestic violence case for example, calling for a restraining order upon the domestic violence offender would be a type of temporary stabilization. However, a spouse does not have to leave the living condition if he or she is not harming the other spouse and or children. Anything day to day is handled in the temporary phase.

The Discovery Phase This phase in the divorce involves the identification of the contested issues. If little is contested as far as assets and debts, some couples may choose to waive formal discovery. However, in many cases a spouse wants to be certain that the estimate provided by their spouse is true and attributable.

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How long a divorce takes There is no way to know exactly how long it will take to get a divorce. Contested divorce Contested divorces can take more than 18 months to be resolved. In this situation, spouses disagree about any of these things: Whether to get a divorce Where the children should live Where a companion animal should live How much child support should be paid How property should be split up Who should pay certain debts Whether " maintenance " or spousal support alimony should be paid Uncontested divorce Uncontested divorce is when both spouses agree on all of these issues.

Qualifying to get a divorce To get a divorce, one spouse must have lived in Illinois for at least 90 days. There are no other reasons that a judge will allow for getting a divorce in Illinois. What is decided in a divorce At the end of a divorce case, a judge will issue an order called a "decree," or " judgment ," which officially ends the marriage.

Property and pets The judge will divide up the spouses' property between them. A person in a divorce can also petition for custody of a family pet. The judge will then decide which spouse will get custody.

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The judge can take into account the best interests of the pet. Maintenance The judge can order that one spouse pay the other spouse maintenance. Children The judge will also set rules for spouses that have minor children under 18 years old : The judge will decide parental responsibilities "custody". These issues must be decided within 18 months of the spouse receiving the divorce papers. This covers parenting time and decision-making power. The terms "custody" and " visitation " are no longer used in Illinois in divorce cases.

The judge will also decide how much money the other parent will pay for child support. Debt "Marital debt" means debts that a couple gets while they are married. Parenting education Parents must attend a court-authorized in-class parenting education program before the judge decides parental responsibilities. Learn more Filing costs in a divorce.

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What are maintenance payments after a divorce? I want to divorce someone who lives outside Illinois. I want to divorce someone who cannot be found. I want to divorce someone in jail or prison.

Divorce Laws in Illinois

Mediation for parenting issues. Paying taxes for maintenance or spousal support.

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