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So half my listings are being suppressed. Geniuses at work! Unlike Amazon, which subsidizes free shipping via Prime subscriptions, Etsy has no plan to subsidize free shipping. Does this mean my listings will appear on page 5, instead of page 10, in search results? I wonder what moron came up with the forced free-shipping campaign? Did anyone factor in how many sales you will lose? There is no way for us to roll it into the cost of the item without effectively doubling the costs. On the customs form I have to declare the value of the item, that is law!

Korea, has 7 listings on the 1st page and I have a pathetic 1 listing. See below. Etsy is calling it a voluntary option but making it untenable to refuse; this is solely to avoid liability, because the type of free shipping Etsy wants you to do is illegal. Etsy is considering forcing US sellers to accept returns. Would you rather not handle returned labia rings and doggie diapers? How is a buyer supposed to return a digital download? What about shipping refunds? Who eats that?

How To Sell On Etsy: Beginner’s Guide To Etsy Setup & Success

Clue: You do. See eBay box of rocks.

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Good luck with all that! This post is part of a series about Etsy. Some of it is totes gross and we apologize. The web host puts it there; we have no control over it. Feel free to ignore it. Book cooking. Federal felonies.

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Baby murder. Clue: more than you thought. This post is the sixth in a series about Etsy, a year-old New York-based fake internet marketplace that operates out of an Irish shell corporation and pays no US income taxes. I tracked Etsy like a heat-seeking missile through the last two financial quarters.

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An interesting pattern has emerged:. Yes, you read that right: a baby murder trial. Ever since the IPO, the company makes most of its money from multi-million-dollar tax rebates, selling bogus services to independent sellers of crafts and vintage, and stealing directly from their bank and credit card accounts. The plaintiff in the death case is the parent of a child fatally strangled by an amber teething necklace bought on Etsy. The judge agreed and refused to dismiss the charges against Etsy. Way to keep commerce human, Etsy!

Danielle Morin et al v. Little Impressions et al, case no. Lawsuit Update: On July 12 Etsy asked the court to dismiss the negligence charge, but still nah. On July 19 Morin requested a protective order, probably to contend with a last-minute deluge of retaliatory interrogatories from Etsy. As every Etsy seller is painfully aware, Etsy is biggedy-big-big on doling out busy work. The next hearing is October The seller, Bambero in Lithuania, is also a defendant.

A daycare center named in the suit is under criminal investigation. The court said that because Amazon did nothing to make third-party sellers available to consumers who were harmed by what they sold, Amazon can be considered the seller under Pennsylvania law. Heather Oberdorf, et al v. The plaintiffs asked for a jury trial and a permanent injunction to stop Amazon from selling banned products.

Ryan Edmundson v. A quick note: In Etsy foisted a new accounting system on sellers. It makes it impossible to add up the fees they paid, or reconcile them with their own records using commercially available accounting software , and submits grossly problematical Ks to the IRS that often conflict with the ones sent to sellers. The Q1 report is a monument to argle bargle.

Here are some very interesting Q1 Q highlights:. Note 3—Income Taxes p. Fun Dell Fact! In Dell Inc. The bribe was in the form of a rebate that Dell lied about to investors. Shocked, I tell you. How bad was it really?

The quarterly report p. You can spend more on marketing, or you can spend less, or none, but not all three. Which is it? This has resulted in higher spend than we previously expected in Q1 primarily due to investments in machine learning growth initiatives, and we are now expecting our full-year cloud expenses to be higher than we cited on our last call. Translation: In the same quarter as the February 15 seller robbery when things got a little volatile and people fled Etsy en masse and the bottom fell out, Etsy inexplicably scored a multi-million-dollar uptick in shipping fees revenue.

Making 3000 Sales (or More) on Etsy

Sure, okay. So WTF? What else happened since Etsy released its quarterly report hot mess on May 9? More about this awesome contest in a moment. In early June Bohemian Findings opened its own website, where it now sells millions of items without Etsy getting paid anything.

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Sellers reported reversed bank deposits, wrong bank deposits, redirected buyer payments, and generally being robbed of arbitrary, sometimes very large amounts of money again. It was from an entirely different seller, but directed him to me for billing purposes.

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At this point, we have no idea who he even paid his money to, but we both realize, it was not I. This was weird because I only made 2. Etsy never had marketing management before, because who needs it? Scott is the genius who foisted Etsy Ads on you. Etsy will shut you down without notice or opportunity to appeal.