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By Theresa Johnston.

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Moving can be a stressful endeavor, be it across the state or across the street. Instead of wasting hours in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles, register your new address online. It is important to keep the address on your vehicle registration current, so you will receive the license renewal information plus any additional, important messages. Note that making the change online or by mail may take 7 to 10 business days.

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Click Continue. Enter the address currently shown on your driver's license. If your record is successfully located, you will be given the option to enter emergency contact information and to register as an organ and tissue donor.

Their own block, in the Eastmont neighborhood of Oakland, has gone from being largely Portuguese to mostly Latino, with some African-American families in the surrounding area. While dating, the Watsons had mostly stuck to social events with their friends from the local Civil Rights Congress, which was pressing bus companies to hire more black drivers. Watson, Mrs. Soon after Mr.

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Watson proposed, Mrs. But after seeing how happy another interracial couple was in their marriage, she was not swayed. Yet, after a celebratory wedding, the couple faced trouble: When they moved into the small home they still live in today, several white families moved out of the neighborhood. Watson worried about what she would face at work if her co-workers knew about the marriage.

Though she is convinced it was easier to hunt for a job with the last name of Watson. It was not until she was 45 that Mrs. Watson let a co-worker know about her marriage. She was working as an assistant at a roofing company, and the roof of their own home needed repairs. When her boss came to look at the roof, she was nervous he would fire her. He did not.

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At home, the couple rarely spoke explicitly about race with their three children. When the family vacationed in Mississippi, Mr. He fought back tears as he told them how the trees masked the scent of the bodies of lynching victims.

Watson, some asked with bewilderment and disdain how she could be their mother. They had a standard response.

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Watson was initially surprised and worried that her son was so clearly revealing his race. Watson said of her children. Though they have told their story many times to curious researchers and others over the years, the Watsons do not regard themselves as pioneers.