Florida laws on background checks

Bankruptcy records are a matter of public records, so it is possible for employers to determine whether a job applicant has declared bankruptcy.

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However, federal law prohibits most employers from discriminating against an applicant because he or she filed for bankruptcy. Without consent from the applicant, an employer may only obtain a driving record to verify information provided by the applicant.

Background Check in Florida - Free Public and Criminal Records - FBC

In most cases, federal law prohibits asking job applicants to submit to a lie detector polygraph test. There are a few exceptions when hiring for specific positions, such as armored car drivers and pharmaceutical distributors. As a decorated combat veteran, the Marines taught Michael the value of working with dedicated and skilled professionals.

Michael advises both business owners and individuals in commercial transactions and dispute resolution.

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His complex litigation focus includes business break ups, professional liability, insurance coverage, tax, trust, real estate, contract, intellectual property, and loan disputes. The combination of his transactional and litigation experience allows Michael to see beyond just the immediate issues presented and develop practical cost effective solutions for his clients, to maximize benefits and minimize risks in both the short and long term.

Call Now for a consultation! Michael Long As a decorated combat veteran, the Marines taught Michael the value of working with dedicated and skilled professionals.

What You Need to Know About Pre-Employment Background Checks in Florida

The background check verifies employment for the past seven years. An education certification is used to check all post high school education you received.

There is no specified limit as to how far back an education check will search. An employer may not be able to obtain your criminal background information if your record can be expunged or sealed.

Florida Background Check Laws

Florida law allows first-time offenders to apply for an expungement if convicted of certain crimes. Arson, domestic violence, kidnapping, murder and robbery are examples of crimes that cannot be expunged.

Florida Universal Background Checks - The Legal Brief

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