Filing for non profit identification number

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  3. Starting a Nonprofit.
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The EIN will be attached to your nonprofit forever. Getting an EIN is easy and free.

How to Start a Nonprofit: Article of Incorporation, Getting your EIN, and Preparing your Form 1023

You can either download and print the form from www. You can even apply by telephone. As IRS forms go, this one is simple and straightforward and only one page long.

Apply Online

Choose only one method to apply for your EIN. You may end up with two EINs, a confusing situation for everyone.

Retail Sales and Use Tax Exemptions for Nonprofit Organizations

Here are some of the other items you need to fill out, line by line:. Line 9: If your organization is a church or church-controlled organization, check that box in section 9a. Identify your nonprofit as either a public benefit, religious, or mutual benefit corporation. Mutual benefit nonprofits exist to serve the mutual needs of its membership such as a homeowner association and usually receive their support from membership dues.

Religious nonprofits, such as churches and mosques, exist to serve religious ends.

Non-Profit Requirements

This is the person or business entity authorized to receive legal notices and other official state mail on behalf of your nonprofit. Hire Northwest, and our name and Indiana street address go here. Indicate if your nonprofit corporation will have members. Indiana nonprofits are not required to have members. Appoint at least one incorporator to sign and submit your articles.

Starting a Nonprofit

This is basically a plan for how the nonprofit will distribute its income and assets if and when it shuts down in the future. If your nonprofit intends to seek c 3 federal tax-exempt status, your dissolution clause must use specific language provided by the IRS. Mailed and hand-delivered filings, however, usually take around one week to process.

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  • Obtaining 501(c)3 Status!
  • Apply by Mail or Fax!
  • How to Find a 501(c)(3) Number?
  • If we ever do receive a lawsuit meant for your nonprofit, we have the infrastructure in place to scan it and send it to you on the day we receive it. Or you can simply add our convenient EIN service when you hire Northwest. Most nonprofits seek c 3 tax-exempt status for public charities and private foundations, which requires that your Articles of Incorporation include specific provisions required by the IRS.

    If your nonprofit manages to achieve c 3 federal tax-exempt status, it will automatically qualify as exempt from the Indiana corporate income tax. Most likely. Not usually. The Indiana Department of Justice only requires nonprofits to register as charities if they hire a professional solicitor.

    Non Profit Tax ID Number: Everything You Need to Know

    Otherwise, your Indiana charity is automatically exempt from registering. Northwest Registered Agent is the only national nonprofit formation service dedicated to your personal privacy. Create a Free Account Our free account and tools will help you get started and maintain your business. First Name. Last Name. Minimum 8 characters long At least 1 capital and lowercase letter At least 1 number At least 1 special character.