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Circuit Court - Civil. Clair County Clerk of the Circuit Court. Search official court records for cases identifiable with a person or organization.

St. Clair County Illinois Court Directory

Civil Court. Circuit Court - Criminal, Traffic. Clair County Circuit Court. Jail Inmates. Clair County Sheriff. Search official county jail records to determine if a person is currently incarcerated. Criminal Court Jail Inmates. Mobile and Manufactured Homes. Clair County Assessor. Search official tax rolls to identify ownership of mobile or manufactured homes. Property Tax Search.

Search official public records for this jurisdiction to determine real property ownership. Property Tax Search 2. Public Employee Salaries. Find salaries paid to employees of St. Clair County Transparency In Government. Find salaries paid to employees of the St. Recorded Documents. Clair County Recorder of Deeds. Search official public records for this county to see real estate transactions. Sewage System Contractors. Clair County Health Department. Search official county records of registered sewage system contractors.

Soil Scientists. Search official county records of registered soil scientists. Unclaimed Checks. Clair County Treasurer.

St. Clair County, Illinois Public Records Directory

View a list of checks which are outstanding and unclaimed by payees. Unclaimed Funds - Money. Unclaimed Restitution for Victims. List of unclaimed restitution payments for victims.

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Well Drillers. Search official county records of registered well drillers. Police Blotter. Collinsville , Madison, St. City of Collinsville Police Department. Search official police records of arrests, incidents and calls for service. Criminal Records Incident Reports. Crash Reports. Search accident reports by report number and date of accident. City of Collinsville Finance Department.

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Find salaries paid to employees of the City of Collinsville. Madison , Madison, St. City of Madison Police Department. Electrical Contractors. Columbia , Monroe, St. Search official city records of registered electrical contractors. City of Columbia Finance Department. Find salaries paid to employees of the City of Columbia. Belleville , St. City of Belleville Police Department. Incident Reports. City of Belleville Finance Department. If you have a friend or family member who has faced DUI charges, you've probably heard how scary, time-consuming and expensive the process can be.

You also probably never imagined you could find yourself in the same situation. Now, you are facing the threat of jail time, fines and a criminal record — and the lawyer you choose to handle your defense will determine whether your case has a positive outcome or not.

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  6. I have practiced criminal defense exclusively for more than 15 years and understand not only how to pursue alternatives to incarceration, but also how to challenge the government's allegations outright. I have the experience to bring your case to a positive end as quickly as possible.

    Punishments can increase if you were driving with a minor at the time of your arrest, caused a crash that resulted in injury to someone else or are facing repeat DUI charges. Are you a commercial driver?

    Illinois is a closed state regarding adoptions. Therefore, once an adoption is completed, the original birth record with the biological parent s listed and all associated documentation will become part of a sealed Illinois Department of Public Health file.

    Create a Record of Foreign Birth for a child born in a foreign country and re-adopted in Illinois. Illinois law allows for the re-adoption of a foreign-born child in Illinois, but does not require it. If a foreign-born child is re-adopted in Illinois and you wish to have a Record of Foreign Birth created, you will need to submit:.

    Create an Administrative Record of Foreign Birth for a child born and adopted in a foreign country. If you should decide not to re-adopt through the Illinois court system and you are a resident of the state of Illinois, the Illinois Department of Public Health, Division of Vital Records may make and file an Administrative Record of Foreign Birth as long as all required documentation is received.

    The required documentation consists of four specific items:.

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    The Administrative Record of Foreign Birth will list the 4 required items on the face of the record and will be part of the certifiable record. If you do not want this information to show on a certified copy of the record, you will need to re-adopt your child through the Illinois court system and then apply for an Illinois Record of Foreign Birth. If the applicant is unable to provide all the information listed above as prescribed by law, then re-adoption in Illinois is required before a Record of Foreign Birth can be issued.

    The certified copies submitted will be reviewed by Illinois Department of Public Health, Division of Vital Records staff, and then copied and returned to you with the certified record.