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Slim pickings for Persian, too. One Hippocrene concise dictionary with some odd, relatively confusing transcription method.

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This is what you might expect to find in a well-stocked bookstore. Send me the following info:.

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Dictionaries without any phonetic information Oxford Beginner Japanese Dictionary. Dictionaries without any phonetic information Oxford Essential Concise Oxford Strange choices here: There was no way to look up a word in Arabic Hippocrene Standard And here there was no way to look up a word in English. Dictionaries without phonetic information Pocket Oxford Welsh. Swahili Slim pickings. Let me know if you know of something better. Send me the following info: What sort of phonetic info if any does it include? Lots of 1-word definitions? Some of those sounds are difficult for an English-speaking tongue to handle, but fortunately, the resulting English accent won't usually get in the way of understanding.

Spanish vowels are very short and pure compared to English ones.

Even in unaccented syllables, they are pronounced clearly - completely unlike in English, where unaccented vowels all sound like the vowel in but. You need to remember that there is no such sound in Spanish. It may feel strange to pronounce every vowel, but Spanish won't work without doing it. Spanish vowels correspond to the vowels in the following English words:. Two vowels together can be more challenging.

In this guide, the letters "w" and "y" are used to indicate when they glide together as in some English words. However I think most of this would apply to English in much of mainland China, too, where British English is the norm. You would think the loss of final consonants would be particularly devastating for intelligibility. However, this seems to be characteristic of some African-American English, too, and the results are apparently not too catastrophic.

But how can you save this and similar clips locally, on your own computer? If you could do that, you would be able to play them again when you are not on-line. My colleague Mark Huckvale has written a useful audio advice page.

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So I asked him what I could do. He replied telling me how he did it himself. First I went to keepvid. FLV Flash Video file. This application can then play the FLV file on your computer. I followed these instructions, and they work!

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I can now use the click clip in lectures. Here are two nice examples I have recently come across which are ambiguous in writing but normally distinguished by tonality or chunking in speech. People who do this often get bored. Subscribing now means you will receive all three issues of JIPA promptly. In speech we could have either People who do this often get bored , or People who do this often get bored. And either Subscribing now means The adverb of time can go either way.

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So there is no ambiguity in speech. They are among the speech sounds of the Namibian language that the speakers in the video clip call KhoeKhoegowab. It is a national language in Namibia, with a quarter of a million speakers. This brings out the differences between the four click types very clearly.

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The click in the third word, hab , sounds to me breathy-voiced and nasal, as if it were Zulu ng i. It means a kind of collapsible top-hat. None of the current pronouncing dictionaries include the word, and Quinion does not discuss the question of its pronunciation. The gibus is not mentioned in the extensive list of hats and headgear in Wikipedia.

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Long live multilingualism. Monday 4 February Audio pronunciations on line Where on the web can you find a free spoken pronunciation dictionary of English? That is, a website where you can click on any word to hear an audio version, a sound clip of its pronunciation? I used to tell people that the only such resource that I knew of was the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary , which of course is for American English. On that website there is also a written phonetic transcription of each headword, though M-W use their own strange transcription system instead of IPA.