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Rejuvenate Vintage Metal Lawn Chairs

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Basically it breaks down the gloss finish of the old paint.

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Rust-Oleum Rusty Metal Primer: Use this to bond tightly to rust and allow for adhesion of paint top coat. High quality and durable coating provides resistance to weather and sunlight, and maintain gloss. Thicker consistency of enamel tends to cover better than latex or oil paints when working with rough pocked areas of multiple layers of paint. That would have cost a couple hundred dollars for sandblasting. My plan was to rejuvenate to a usable attractive condition. There were signs that the previous finish had a gloss sheen.

More so in the areas that did not get direct exposure to rain, snow, and sunlight. Anytime you repaint over an older oil based gloss sheen you need to consider the surface area to be painted. You have two options here. You can use sandpaper to roughen the surface or use a chemical solution to break the gloss finish. Since this was a pretty large job of three chairs I chose to apply a deglosser to ensure adhesion. This is a water based solution, so the fumes are at a minimum. But, as you can see I still used rubber gloves to protect my skin from the chemicals.

Work in a well ventilated area and be sure to follow the directions of the manufacturer. My Instructable is simply here as a guide through the process of the manufacturer. The purpose of this process is to neutralize the natural rusting process in order to create a paintable surface. It converts ferrous iron rust to iron phosphate. Once again, this is simply a guide to the process I followed. Be sure to follow the directions and guidelines of the manufacturer.

Once again, we are dealing with a rusted surface, so we will continue to use products to deal with that problem. I have used this primer before for other projects and have been very happy with the performance. Sorry, but in the excitement of applying the new finish I forgot to take pictures! Basically I followed the same process as priming by doing the undersides then the topside. Enamel oil based takes a much longer time to dry than primer, Usually 24 hours.

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Actually, it was 2 full days of painting and touch-up for the enamel process due to the wait time on drying. Note: The center chair has a perforated design in the back and seat.

50+ Vintage Metal Lawn Chairs You'll Love in - Visual Hunt

When applying the enamel be aware that you will get drips on the opposite side as you are painting the other. Just let this be known so you can work out those drips as you paint. Will I sell them? Probably not. They just look that darn good and the center chair is the most comfortable chair in our yard now.

Hope this Instructable is helpful for you if you are thinking on taking on the task.

Retro Patio Furniture

Probably the two things that kept me from doing this sooner was time, heat and humidity. I knew it would be one of those projects I would need to stay with from start to finish straight through. Being a teacher I have the time in the summer to dedicate to these types of projects. But, knowing that I would need to be working outdoors with the chemicals and dealing with heat and humidity it was hard to plan out the time.

Humidity and enamel drying time can really string out a project. Sometimes I do not have the patience to wait and get hurried. I really wanted these to come out great. Glad I waited for some nice weather.

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Question 3 months ago on Step I just purchased 6 chairs that I need to restore. Problem: Some of my chairs are missing the armrest or are in bad condition,Where can I find replacement armrest for my chairs? Reply 3 years ago. Be sure to check out and vote for my other ible where I did the glider. Had to do some metal repair and fabrication. I was given this chair and it was in awesome condition.

Old-fashioned approach to an outdoor lawn chair made out of aluminum frame with a white coat of paint. The chair has armrests and decorative engravings on the seat and the back with green elements around. Cozy setup for a retro-styled conversational area in a backyard garden, furnished with two old-fashioned metal lawn chairs made out of aluminum and painted in a light purple and neon green colors, giving them a unique look. Cottage style for a primitive, worn-out lawn chair made out of cast iron with a distressed coat of green paint.

The chair is covered in rust and has a coat of patina, which gives it an unusual, austere appearance. Vintage look for an old-fashioned metal lawn chair made out of wrought iron with a rich coat of rust and patina.

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