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Feature List. Bandwidth caps. If your ISP maintains bandwidth caps, BMExtreme provides multiple ways of keeping track of them including monthly, weekly, daily and hourly cap resets. There are also day, week and month logs along with warnings when close to the limit. Bandwidth can also be blocked when within range of the cap to avoid going over for overnight downloads.


Caps can be setup varying from simple global caps to multiple time caps for ISPs that monitor peak time use. Away from your computer?

IP Traffic Monitor

Shared bandwidth statistics can also be viewed remotely. An email can also be sent when the bandwidth is at a certain limit, or when it exceeds a certain speed.

For those sharing bandwidth with other computers, BMExtreme can track the information in real-time without resorting to checking logs. On-screen statistics will incorporate all shared bandwidth and the information can be administered through the internet for checking remotely. Please note that separate licenses are required for each computer. Basic graphs include day, week and month statistics. Also available are speed graphs ranging from 5 minutes to 12 hours for extra bandwidth use. Current IP connections can also be tracked, along with the ability to track shared bandwidth in real-time.

Have more than one user on the computer?

Bandwidth monitoring with iptables

Keep track of what everyone uses for a better understanding of bandwidth used. Easily changed from the tray icon, is a great way to allow family members to keep separate logs. This will give you a good idea of how our monitoring tool works. All in one: No additional plug-ins are necessary for monitoring all of your cloud computing services.

The alert feature is also included. You'll receive one tool with one license. Start your free trial version today! Upgrade if it makes sense to do so.

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PRTG is installed in a few minutes. Free Download. It's a very un-salesy, un-annoying newsletter and you can unsubscribe at any time. Find a partner. Tabsegmente bitte im www testen.

Monitor Bandwidth Usage on Network by IP Address

Activity And Usage Monitoring You can configure Top Lists to find out what applications or what servers are using up your bandwidth. When you set up sensors for NetFlow monitoring or Packet Sniffing in PRTG the following three Toplists are created automatically: Top Talkers Top Connections Top Protocols This covers the most basic needs for usage monitoring, but you can also edit the three toplists or create additional ones.

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Usage monitoring using packet sniffing. Data acquisition using flow.

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A Top list showing top protocols. Bandwidth check Web site monitoring IP monitoring.

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